What kind of Jeans does Beth Dutton(Kelly Reilly) Wear?

Kelly Reilly plays Beth Dutton in the Yellowstone TV series. The famous stars Beth Dutton or Kelly Reilly love to wear jeans. Because they’re comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any activity. She wears a t-shirt, dress, sweater, or flannel shirt with her jeans. Suppose you like to style like Beth Dutton. Then first you should know about her outfits. Then the first listed item is her jeans. The series stars John Dutton(Kevin Costner), Kelly Reilly(Beth Dutton), Luke Grimes(Kayce Dutton), Cole Hauser(Rip Wheeler), Kelsey Asbille(Monica Long Dutton), Dave Annable, and Gil Birmingham.

So, what kind of jeans does Beth Dutton wear?

So, what kind of jeans does Beth Dutton wear

Beth Dutton is a tall lady, as her height is 5 feet 9 inches. She wore a dress that famous brands created and wore various types of jeans. But on the Yellowstone, she wears the wrangler bootcut jeans.

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What Brand Jeans Does Beth Dutton Wear?

What Brand Jeans Does Beth Dutton Wear
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Wrangler bootcut jeans are comfortable, and the cowgirl looks excellent on her. It is a known fact that she looks good in just about any jeans she wears, but the Wrangler bootcut fits her the best.

The Wrangler Bootcut Jeans are a great pair of jeans that every woman would love to own. They look great and are comfortable, they are very durable, and they are at a great price. The quality of the Wrangler Bootcut Jeans is excellent, and they should last you a long time.

They come in a variety of different sizes, lengths, and colors. You can choose the color you want and the length you want. There is no limit to the color and the length you can choose. Wrangler bootcut jeans are a great fit for any type. They are designed for a woman’s body.

The Wrangler bootcut jeans are the perfect jeans for any occasion. The bold, western style of the jean matches the fabric’s comfort and the leg’s clean-cut. They are available in several colors and are a great addition to any wardrobe.

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What do you need to wear with Wrangler bootcut jeans to complete Beth Dutton’s look?

What do you need to wear with Wrangler bootcut jeans to complete Beth Dutton's look

Wearing Wrangler bootcut jeans will make you look very attractive. That’s why many girls like to wear this type of jeans. Do you want to make your outfits more stylish with the Wrangler bootcut jeans? Then you should follow her outfits. Here is the shortlist of her style with the jeans.

Beth Dutton Tanks:

Beth Dutton Tanks

Beth Dutton wears her Wrangler jeans with a pair of black Tanks that she had custom-made. She also did her nails to match. She says she will probably wear a western shirt with her boots. Not only that, but she is also quite a fashionista, so we think Beth Dutton’s style is the perfect way to go.

Beth Dutton Cheetah Print Coat:

Beth Dutton Cheetah Print Coat

If you want to go for a more edgy look, a clothing item that will surely make you look cute and attractive is this cheetah print coat. It has a wide collar covering your neck and shoulders. It has long sleeves, which are the perfect length for you to be able to wear them open or rolled up.

Beth Dutton Shirt:

Beth Dutton Shirt

Blondes like Beth Dutton need to be bold. She used to wear denim button-downs with black shorts, but these days she’s more likely to be seen in a shirt with a pair of Wrangler Bootcut Jeans.

Beth Dutton Boot:

Beth dutton boots

Beth Dutton is wearing a pair of boot-cut Wrangler jeans paired with a cute top. Bootcut jeans have a little more flare at the bottom. Bootcut jeans are great with boots. However, they are also great with wedges or pumps.

Beth Dutton Wig:

Beth Dutton Wig

Wigs are fun and give you a chance to change your look. Wigs are a trendy beauty accessory that many women use. They are great for quick, easy, and drastic changes in one’s style.

Beth Dutton Hat:

Beth Dutton Hat

Beth Dutton is a very beautiful, stylish, and confident lady. She loves to wear a hat, a simple tee, and jeans. She wears a hat in the spring, summer, and autumn. Not only that, but she loves to wear a white hat in all seasons. Likewise, she is a very tall lady and wears Wrangler Boot cut Jeans with some brown boots.

Beth Dutton Gloves:

You can wear gloves with matching jeans or leggings and a pair of booties or high heels, and you will look gorgeous. This style is widely popular among celebs. Her style with gloves is unique and stylish. In this style, Beth Dutton looks very attractive. Women can follow the style of Beth Dutton and look stunning.

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How Do You Dress Like Beth Dutton?

Here we collect a few dresses, Beth Dutton’s styles, from the Yellowstone show. Beth is a very fashionable woman who has lots of clothes, from casual to fancy. She wears lots of different t-shirts, tanks, bottoms, etc.

Wrangler Boot cut Jeans

Wrangler Boot cut Jeans for beth dutton

Wrangler Women’s Bootcut Jeans is a pair of jeans designed to fit you comfortably and provide durability year after year. They are mid-rise, regularly fit through the hip and thigh, and have a super-comfortable bootcut leg opening.

Those jeans also feature a zip fly with button closure, classic back pockets, and Wrangler embossed buttons and rivets. And made from high-quality, 12-ounce, 100% cotton and is available in a variety of sizes.

Shearling Knee Length Jacket

beth dutton Sherpa Moto Jacket

The Shearling Knee Length Jacket is a cozy layer that perfectly suits the cold winter months. It’s fully lined in curly, vegan-friendly sherpa fabric for added warmth.

They are cut for a not-too-tight, not-too-loose fit that hits just below the hips and features cozy ribbed cuffs at the hem with thumbholes to keep your hands warm. The jacket has patch pockets that are ideal for warming your hands or storing essential items.

Ignoring Women’s Shirts Short Sleeve

beth dutton Ignoring Women's Shirts Short Sleeve

The Ignoring Women’s short sleeves shirt is made from high-quality material and durable enough for your daily wearing. They come with a comfortable design that makes you relaxed. You can wear them as casual or semiformal.

The big and small sizes are available, and you can choose the one according to your body.

Next Level Racerback Tank:

beth dutton Next Level Racerback Tank

These tanks provide a great fit for the female and are made from soft, breathable cotton material. The fabric is lightweight and thin. It is great for wearing in warm weather or working out. The Next Level Women’s Lightweight Racerback Tank fit is relaxed but not sloppy. It is a comfortable fit that won’t shrink after you wash it.

Yellowstone Cheetah Print Coat


Beth wears the cheetah print coat in episodes 1 and 2 of Yellowstone. The coat itself is very simple in design, and it is made of faux fur in a light tan color. This fur coat has a very subtle texture and pattern, so it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a cheetah print coat.

The coat is long, and Beth’s has a high collar. The coat is worn open over a plain white shirt, and her coat is tucked into her pants.

Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

You can adjust the length of this buckle hat according to the size of your head. It is made of high-quality material, so it is very durable for daily wearing. The color is very charming and elegant. It is a perfect match for your formal and casual clothes. It’s worth buying with the cute design, simple style, and high quality.

Tony Lama Boots

beth dutton Tony Lama Boots

Tony Lama Boots is a famous American cowboy boots brand. They are comfortable and durable. These boots come in various colors such as brown, black, white, pink, etc. And also come with a 15 inch height and western heel.

Kalyss Blonde with Highlights Wig

What kind of Jeans does Beth Dutton(Kelly Reilly) Wear? 1

This wig is made of synthetic fiber. The hair is soft and smooth and can be styled as you like. The curls are natural and beautiful. This wig is heat-resistant and heat-resistant. You can use a hairdryer to curl it. The color is natural and beautiful. It is the best costume wig for your party.

Nappaglo Nappa Leather Gloves

beth dutton Nappaglo Nappa Leather Gloves

These 100% genuine gloves are designed with a sleek and stylish look. So you know you are wearing something that looks great and feels great. You can get a pair of gloves that will fit perfectly and not fall apart after a few wearing. They are super soft and comfortable to wear. To add to this, gloves are available in various colors and sizes suitable for everyone!


Beth Dutton’s style is pretty simple, and she wears a gray shirt, a red jacket, black tank, and a pair of Wrangler bootcut jeans. She also wears big black and white striped socks and a yellow bracelet on her left arm.

She wears Wrangler bootcut jeans because they are made with wide fit between the thighs and legs, but the straps are worn through the ankle and ankle openings. In other words, the jeans are fitted up to the knees, and then they spread.

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