My name is Dejjy Bravo and I am the one behind this I studied Master of Science in Business of Fashion from Rutgers School of Business – Newark and New Brunswick, Jersey City. I am working on fashion design and development, a blogger and jeans lover.

About Me 1

I have loved wearing jeans since I was in kindergarten. My mother encourages me to wear jeans and I feel very comfortable in jeans.

I always have a collection of different types of jeans. I still wear all kinds of jeans. Each pair of jeans helps me get a different look.

I am an experienced jeans wearer who likes to create an online resource with trusted information to provide a perfect look for jeans wearers to better understand the fashion of jeans. This is why I created this site.

I want to share my real life tips, useful advice, product reviews to help you improve your jeans style. I am well experienced in writing about denim cloth, size according to body, type, color matching, what to wear according to which weather.

However, if anything is wrong or missing anywhere, please feel free to contact me using the contact info. I will definitely correct it immediately, and I would be glad if you could help me with any mistakes.

Hopefully, some of what I shared will help you get the best style and look for your jeans.