What kind of Jeans does Parker McCollum wear?

Parker McCollum is an American Americana and country singer-songwriter based in Texas. PYM Music’s owner is known for his songwriting and session work, including the track “The Driver” from the 2012 Alabama album Alabama & Friends. He has toured with Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Leon Russell, and others.

His latest album, “Gold Chain Cowboy,” comes with popular songs: To be loved by you, Falling apart, Pretty heart, etc.

Parker’s jeans of choice are the Hudson, in a color called “Bourbon” (though the exact shade is a bit deeper than that). They come in a slim-straight-leg fit, anime, skinny, blue jeans, and the wash is a good balance between dark and light. They’re comfortable and flattering. Let’s know about his jeans style.


What Jeans Does Parker Wear?

He is a lover of Wrangler light-washed jeans with Lucchese cowboy boots. He says he wears his Wranglers to perform in because he can still move around in them.

The jeans are now made of a more durable material and are much more comfortable than the older material. The new material is about 50% stronger, which is exactly what you need doing yard work. You can sit on a lawn mower or a tractor, and it won’t tear up your jeans. You can fit these jeans in the washer or dryer without them losing any of their strength. The material also doesn’t stretch out and loses its color. 

Parker McCollum’s Jeans Evolution

Parker McCollum’s Jean’s Evolution. Parker is the drummer for the band Old 97s. Parker’s passion for fashion is obvious. The man loves clothes, and he is one stylish dude. I had to look through his blog several times to find the same post with the specific images I wanted to share. But I found it, and it is worth the effort to check out his blog. Parker shows off his fashion sense in several outfit posts, and you will want to see some of his styles.

McCollum with Flare Jeans

What kind of Jeans does Parker McCollum wear? 1

At ACM Awards 2022, Hardy, Walker Hayes, Ryan Hurd, Parker McCollum, and Elvie Shane are nominated. Parker McCollum has been announced as the winner. And we saw Parker and his wife Halli Ray on this saw.

Both look like such a cute couple. He wears Flare Jeans, jeans that have an exaggerated flare at the bottom of the leg, either at the bottom of the leg or the ankle. These jeans are also a bit looser than a tight pair of jeans, but they are not as loose as a pair of bell-bottom pants.

Light Jeans


The ACM’s new male artist of the year is Parker. He teamed up for the son of the dirty south summer tour 2022 on May 4. His outfits look very cool. Here he wore the wrangler light-washed jeans.

Wrangler Light Washed jeans are for those who prefer a little bit of color in their jeans. These jeans have a light-washed look with a touch of color. And offer a great deal of style with a classic look. They are faded and have many colors. There are various amazing features of these jeans.

Wide Leg Jeans


Here is this picture we saw that he spoke about his 2022 ACM award performance in an interview. The wide-leg jeans are a popular fashion for this season. They are comfortable, relaxed, sexy, and the most suitable for the weather.

Wide-leg jeans are a flattering fit for many body types. They can look great on almost everyone, so it is no wonder that they are so popular. However, some people should not look to add this trendy style to their wardrobe. 

Boy Cut Jeans


In this picture, I took an interview with CMT fans with Parker. Here he wears Bugle boy-cut jeans. 

If you are looking for the best men’s jeans, move away from the same old boring styles and colors. It would help if you tried Bugle boy-cut jeans, which are now available in various colors. These jeans are cut to flatter, bring out the best in the male body, and are light in weight. They have a thin fabric. Bugle Boy jeans are available in various washes like dark wash, light wash, etc.

Regular Skinny Jeans


Recently we saw him in Levi’s skinny jeans with his wife Hallie Ray light on his Instagram photo. Levi’s is one of the biggest names in men’s fashion, and they have a line of skinny jeans that have become a cultural icon.

Levi’s skinny jeans are made from cotton and are designed to be form-fitting. You can look for distressed logos, belt loops, and rivets near the pockets and back pockets. You can also see the stitched-in back pockets and the arcuate stitching pattern.

Blue Jeans


McCollum also favors Blu. He wears a blue blazer with regular blue jeans, and his wife, Hallie Ray Light, also comes to the 2022 CMT music award in Nashville with a beaded white mini dress. 

The most common regular blue jeans are cotton and have a straight or relaxed fit. These jeans have no rivets, special pockets, and branding other than the designer label. They come in various washes, such as black, dark blue, light blue, and white, to name a few options.

Make Your Outfits Like McCollum


Parker McCollum has rocked some amazing outfits this year. He always wears different jeans and a T-shirt with his favorite Lucchese. Here we give a short idea to style like McCollum.

  • White or green T-Shirt
  • Beige Ostrich boot
  • Black CalfSkin boot
  • Black Ostrich and the Tulip Suede boots
  • Hats
  • Ray bans


Parker McCollum is one of the most refreshing pop-country singers around today. He has a little edge and doesn’t let the Nashville machine dictate how he’ll do things. He bottles his booze, the lead singer of the band that bears his name, and he seems like a genuinely cool guy. And his signature jeans are Wrangler light-washed jeans.

Parker McCollum is a masculine man in his 30s whose favorite feature of his jeans is their stretch. He wears his jeans all year round, and on weekends, he does some leisure activities such as dancing, playing tennis, or soccer. He prefers to wear jeans with a tapered fit and boots. He may use his skinny jeans to hang around with friends.

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