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Kevin Costner did John Dutton’s character in Yellowstone. He is the owner of a Montana ranch and the head of the family. The movie is a work of fiction, so there are no rules and no budget. So in the movie, they made his cowboy boots, jeans, and a t-shirt look cool. Costner spends most of the movie in blue jeans. If you look closer, you’ll notice that he’s wearing different jeans. 

Let’s check out what kind of jeans Kevin Costner wears.

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Slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans wear Kevin Costner in Yellowstone. He wears the Slim Straight Stretch Stillwell Jeans size 34×32 in the movie. The stretch material is blended with the cotton to allow the jeans to stretch out and recover their original shape. If you like to buy it, it is available in many sizes.

It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pair of casual, comfortable denim. The fabric is made of a blend of cotton and spandex, so these pants are stretchy, soft, and durable. The slim straight cut is designed to flatter your body so that these jeans will look good on nearly every man. 

What Kind of Jeans Does Kevin Costner Wear?

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Kevin Costner wears a pair of slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans. Which is made of 13.75 oz. 100% cotton and has a slight stretch. The Stillwell Jeans have a button fly closure, belt loops, and a zipper fly. These jeans have one back pocket, a coin pocket, and two front pockets. 

These jeans have a regular waist and are available in sizes 30-42. They also had a hint of stretch for easy movement and a great fit—also regular waist and straight leg. There are many reasons why people choose these types of jeans. The main reason is that it is made for active people.

These jeans are constructed with a reinforced seat and knees and made with heavyweight denim that is soft and durable. The jeans feature a button-fly and five-pocket styling. The jeans come in various washes and colors so that you can wear them year-round. 

Slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans are engineered with Techlite MicroFiber, and they retain shape and softness over time. They won’t stretch out or lose their shape after repeated washing. Keep reading to know how you can complete your outfit with these jeans.

How To Style like Kevin Costner with Jeans

Kevin Costner is a guy with many styles, and he keeps it simple with slim straight stretch jeans from Stillwell. Costner is a familiar face almost anyone will recognize but may not recall anything specific. When you see him in movies, you tend to see him in one look: a button-down shirt, tight jeans, or a sweater. Let’s know how you can style it like the actor Kevin container in Yellowstone.

1. Kevin Costner Jacket

Kevin costner jacket-01

This cotton jacket is ideal for Kevin Costner, who lives in a new frontier. It’s rugged cotton material and comes with a contrasting orange shoulder fabric, giving it a unique cowboy look.

Additionally, it has two chest pockets and a dusty beige color, perfect for everyday wear. You can style his cotton jacket with slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans for a casual look. 

2. Kevin Costner Brown Vest

kevin costner Brown Vest-01

The classic western cowboy look wouldn’t be complete without a cool vest. You also can achieve an authentic look to match a vest with your slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans. This classic look is accomplished by wearing a brown vest over a nice pair of jeans.

Vests are a great way to add dimension to an outfit without weighing you down. It also provides an excellent alternative to wearing a jacket in a warmer climate.

3. Kevin Costner Button-Up Shirt

kevin costner Shirt-01-01

When you are looking for a classic outfit, we always recommend you go for a clean and stylish look that can make you look relaxed and confident. So today, we will show you an excellent and most stylish outfit collection that the Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner inspires. 

He is known for his relaxed and confident look Button Up Shirt with Slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans in movies. These shirts are made from heavy cotton material and have a relaxed fit, ideal for a hard-working lifestyle.

4. Kevin Costner Hat

Kevin costner hat-01-01

The hat is a great way to lend a touch of class to any outfit, whether it’s a suit and tie or just a pair of jeans. There are many hats, such as the fedora, Stetson, bowler, porkpie, and many cowboy hats. 

Each of these hats can pair well with various outfits, so finding the right hat for you is a matter. You can style like the Kevin Costner hat with Jeans by wearing a brown cowboy hat with a western-style shirt. 

5. Kevin Costner Boots

When you think of the west and cowboy boots, you typically think of either the square-toe or the Cowboy boot. While the cowboy boot is a classic, the reason is that-

  • A cowboy boot has a high toe box, making it challenging to step into a stirrup easily. 
  • A cowboy boot also has a low heel, making it easier to work when you’re on a horse and making it unstable when walking. 
  • A square toe makes sense for a cowboy boot since it allows you to step in and out of the stirrup easily. 
  • A square toe allows you to easily walk around in your boots without worrying about stubbing your toe on something.

7 Product Recommendations to Style Like Kevin Costner

Kevin’s style on Yellowstone is pretty classic but very functional. He wears a lot of Carhartt clothing and a couple of similar brands. Here we listed 6 products that Kevin Costner used in Yellowstone. Anyone can create a perfect “Kevin” look by following those reasonable 7 products.

1. Ariat M5 Slim Straight Stretch Stillwell Jeans 10021879

The Ariat M5 Slim Straight Stretch Stillwell Jeans (10021879) is one of our most popular jeans. The light wash denim is achieved by brushing and then washing the jeans to make them super soft and durable for only $82.95. Kevin Costner wears the Ariat M5 jeans in Yellowstone and some of the top riders in the world.

 The fabric is durable, stretchy, and has a great look. The Ariat jeans are a slim fit through the seat, thigh, and leg opening and are made with a stacked straight leg that looks great over riding boots. And also an excellent fit for guys and girls. 

2. Dutton Beige Cotton Jacket

The Dutton Beige Cotton Jacket is the most popular jacket, which Kevin Costner wears in Yellowstone. This jacket is 100% cotton with an orange and beige color combination. The cotton fabric and viscose lining make it soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable for daily use.

The buttons on the front and the classic collar make it look appealing. It is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It has two buttoned chest pockets, two side pockets, and two deep inner pockets. 

The two-way zipper closure will help you adjust the jacket according to your body shape. You can team it up with jeans, trousers, and shorts. This jacket is available for $149. The jacket will give you a bright look like Kevin Costner.

3. Dutton Wool Brown Vest

Are you looking to up your style with some easy-wearing options? Check out this brown wool vest. It’s versatile outerwear that easily complements any casual or formal wear. It comes with a luxurious suede construction, viscose lining, zip closure, functional pockets, and a pocket-friendly price of only $159.

4. Wrangler Men’s Western Shirt

The Wrangler Western Shirt for men is a 100% cotton shirt made for everyday wear. It features a cowboy cut and snap closure that fits various body types. Wrangler shirts always keep your body temperature regulated and away from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Wrangler shirts are designed to accommodate any hard-working lifestyle. Wrangler shirts are made with the highest quality standards in mind, so they are trusted by some of the most hard-working people in the country. Wrangler shirts are available in various colors and sizes from $31.40-$54.95.

5. Western Express Straw Cowboy Hat

Black This adult western straw hat is made of straw material and features a black hatband with silver conchos. The hat is 4 1/4″ in the crown and 3 1/2″ in the brim. Elastic adjustable closure one size fits most. It is available at $32.07.

6. Ariat Black Western Cowboy Hat

This hat features a 10x beaver-rabbit blend and a 3-piece buckle hatband. This hat’s durability, quality, and unbeatable style are perfect for work on the ranch or workin’ the rodeo. Ariat is synonymous with quality and craft in the western wear industry. 

The Ariat Texas ten X is fully lined with an adjustable leather sweatband for a perfect fit only costs $352.99. The crown is made from high-quality wool felt, and the brim is made from stiff natural straw.

7. ARIAT Toe Work Boot

ARIAT is a brand best known in the industry for making work boots to work as hard as you do. Their dedication to the men and women who work hard every day inspired them to create their first ARIAT Women’s Collection, the Groundbreaker.

The 100% full-grain leather foot feels so good against your foot. It’s the suede upper that hugs your leg with such comfort. It’s the rubber sole that feels like it’s just been sprayed with a layer of rubber cement. It’s the shaft that measures approximately 11″ from the arch. 

Its heel measures approximately 1″ and the platform measures approximately 0.5 inches. It’s the boot opening measures approximately 14″ around.

Final Words 

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone was a super charming look for his outfits. He has worn Slim straight stretch Stillwell jeans since he achieved fame in the eighties. But he doesn’t care what people are saying, and his satisfaction lies not in what the critics say.

But in fact, people are still talking about him. Now you get the precise concept about his outfit and can easily make your outfit like Kevin Costner in Yellowstone.

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