What kind of Jeans does Luke Bryan wear?

Luke Bryan is much more than just a country music singer. His style is so iconic that you know exactly which kind of outfits he likes to wear when you see him in tight jeans. But what kind of jeans does Luke Bryan wear? Here’s a guide to Luke Bryan’s favorite denim brands and their fit to know about his jeans.

His fashion style varies depending on the occasion. During a performance, he typically wears jeans. But, if it’s a more formal event, such as an award show or gala, Bryan often wears jeans with a blazer.

Celebrities and professional athletes alike wear Diesel jeans. Luke Bryan is a huge fan of the clothing brand and recently showed love by wearing the Diesel jeans while performing at the ACM Awards. The singer is a fan of Diesel’s signature workwear styling and can wear jeans anywhere.

Keep reading below to know about Diesel jeans and what you should wear.

What Type of Jeans does Luke Bryan wear?

The superstar Luke Bryan’s signature style is Diesel jeans. The Diesel Skinny Fit Jean is the perfect pair for anyone looking for something a little more rugged but still stylish and comfortable. This jean has a comfortable waistband and a tailored fit and is made from luxurious stretch denim.

Diesel jeans are manufactured in Italy and have a very distinct style. The orange tab on the rear pocket is an iconic symbol of the Diesel style.

If you are looking for the best jeans with a stylish and unique design, buy Diesel jeans.

Why you should use these jeans-

  • Diesel jeans come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors.
  • It has a great fit, and they are very comfortable to wear. 
  • They come with a zipper fly and button closure.
  • The fabric is light yet durable and soft.
  • The jeans are available in fit styles and sizes ranging from 26 to 44 and in a wide range of sizes for tall men. 
  • They often have lots of pockets, both on the front and the back of the jeans.

After choosing your Diesel jeans, now let’s know what to wear with these jeans to look like Luke Bryan.

6 Products Worn by Luke Bryan

We recommend a few products here if you want a style like Luke Bryan outfits. Luke Bryan mostly wears those brands. So keep reading and choose your outfits.

Diesel Jeans

Diesel clothing has become a powerful brand; Diesel jeans are the most famous product. Diesel products have a large market presence, from fashion and shoes to watches. Men’s jeans have a very distinctive design, and the pockets and buttons are arranged uniquely. A unique thing is the “Diesel” logo, which is on the left back pocket.

Taverniti So Jeans

Taverniti So Jeans is an Italian made of jeans designed and fitted in Italy but produced in Asia. The jeans have a double button fly, with a mesh pocket sitting on the outer side of the jeans. The jeans have a back pocket with a mini metal logo badge.

Tom Ford’s Brown-wash Black Jeans

According to the Tom Ford site, “The Tom Ford Brown-Wash Black Jeans are made in Italy in a regular fit with a high waist, a straight-leg, and a classic five-pocket design. Constructed from viscose, they feature two decorative front pockets, one coin pocket at the back, two back pockets, and a leather waistband with a branded stud. 

The Tom Ford Brown-Wash Black Jeans are complete with a zip fly fastening, a leather brand patch at the rear, and a branded button and rivet fastening at the waistband.”

Tom Ford’s Double-breasted and Chocolate Suede Blazer

Tom Ford’s Double-breasted Blazer features “Roman numeral” buttons and a single vent in the back to help you stand tall. This blazer is 100% wool, double-breasted, with a 6-button closure. The buttons are the mother of pearl, and the interior is fully lined. There are two front pockets and two interior pockets.

Expensive Watch Collection

Luke’s collection of watches is truly impressive. It includes Pateks, APs, Cartiers, Chopard Mille Grande XLs, and his latest VC in all White Gold. He is also an enthusiast of Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Luke is most famous for collecting vintage.

Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots has been producing quality, cowboy-style boots for over 100 years. It has earned a reputation for creating beautiful, durable, and comfortable footwear during that time. If you’re looking for a gorgeous boot built to last, a Lucchese is the right choice.

What to Wear with Luke Bryan Jeans?

However, guys do have some questions about wearing skinny jeans. Wearing Diesel jeans can add style to your outfit and make you look cool. However, it is important to match the right shoes, belts, shirts, and jackets when wearing Diesel jeans. If you’re a big fan of Diesel jeans, then you are in the right place. Diesel products are popular among young people, so those who like the brand may also want to explore other styles.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started becoming a style like Luke Bryan with Diesel jeans.

Leather Jackets:

Wearing leather jackets with diesel jeans and shoes has been a trend for a few years and is still strong. There are variations for this look, and it is surprisingly easy to pull off. The key is to wear a leather jacket over the jeans. 

The look is great for the colder seasons and can be worn for various occasions, particularly casual ones.


If you want to look trendy and different, you can try styling your shirt with diesel jeans. This combination has many advantages: they are good together and look stylish. It gives a great stylish summer look.


Cowboy boots with Diesel jeans are a fashion statement becoming very popular among young men. The combination of boots with diesel jeans is trendy but also unique. There are different ways you can wear boots with diesel jeans. 


You can also wear sunglasses, a belt, and watches to complete your outfits. Because Sunglasses are a great addition to your outfit, they can instantly improve your look. Choose a belt that is not wide and not too long. The belt will accentuate your waist and make your body look more slender. And give a final touch to your outlook with a beautiful watch.


If you are searching for the best jeans, you will look at different brands. When picking out clothes, there are different aspects to consider. You need to consider the different materials, styles, and fits.

We recommend the Diesel jeans, which have comfortable casual fits and durable materials. Diesel gives its customers a variety of choices at different prices.

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