6 Type of Jeans Emma Chamberlain Wears Most of the Time

High-waisted, skinny, slim, relaxed, boyfriend fit, mom jeans, straight leg, cropped, flare—the list goes on. When it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, the options are endless. The days of one-size-fits-all jeans are long gone. However, how do you know which type of jeans you need? Different jeans offer different styling and fit options, and while different body types may benefit from different cuts, it’s all in what works for you.

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If you decide to wear Emma Chamberlain jeans, first know what kind of jeans she wears. Here you are in the right place. We gather all about Emma’s chamberlain Jeans and other outfits. That will help you choose the best item for you.

So, let’s go to know about what kind of jeans Emma Chamberlain wears?

Emma Chamberlain is known for rocking bold, sexy outfits, but one of her most recent looks is garnering a surprising amount of attention. The fitness model and influencer stripped down to her black underwear and flaunted her curves in a pair of Levi jeans she wore while posing in a mirror.

What Kind of Jeans Does Emma Chamberlain Wear?

Emma Chamberlain wears Levi’s in the pictures above. The jeans are classic with a flare fit. They have a high waist and a slight taper at the ankle. These jeans are a bit on the right side, and I think that Emma looks better in them than in her other jeans, which are a bit looser. This pair of jeans is also a light wash and has faded at the crotch.

When it comes to Levi’s brand, there’s a sense of comfort, a sense of trust, style, and knowing that you’ll never look bad in a pair of jeans. 

But how do you know that the jeans you’re buying will be the right pair for you? There are several styles and fits of Levi’s jeans. The style and fit of your jeans depending on your body type. For example, if you have an athletic build, you should avoid boot-cut jeans as they would make you look bigger. In addition, if you have a flat bottom, you should avoid skinny jeans as they would make you look bigger.

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What Types of Levi Jeans Does Emma Chamberlain Wear?

Emma Chamberlain Levi’s Jeans-01

The Levi brand of jeans is one of the oldest and most respected names. Levi jeans are made of high-quality materials and come in various styles. There are-

  • The 501 Original Fit,
  • The 505 Regular Fit, 
  • The 511 Slim Fit, 
  • The 514 Straight Fit, 
  • The 550 Relaxed Fit, and
  •  The 711 Skinny.

Now you are thinking about what types of Levi jeans Emma Chamberlain wears. Here is your answer- She chooses the 501 original fit jeans. Because of this, types of jeans come with original shrink to fit fabric with stretch.

What are 501 Original Fit Jeans?

501 Original Fit is a classic straight pair of jeans with a straight leg, which is the most popular style of jeans and the most versatile. The original fit is a mid-rise and has a classic straight-leg opening. They are made to be a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh, with a seat that is not too tight and not too loose.

The waist is designed to be comfortable and not constricting. The amount of stretch in the fabric will depend on the material and the style. However, original fit jeans are not recommended for petite, curvy, or plus-sized women.

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How to Style like Emma Chamberlain with Levi’s Jeans?

Levi’s a brand is the most popular name in jeans and the most loved brand in the world. The classic cut has been loved the world over for its vintage look. Levi’s jeans are cut to perfect for any body type. 

So, how to style with Levi jeans? There are several ways to style these jeans. You can wear them with a colorful T-shirt, a tank top, a flowy top, a long-sleeved top, a blazer, etc.

But here we share with you Emma Chamberlain how to style her Levi jeans.

Emma Chamberlain Cropped Sweater

Emma Chamberlain Cropped Sweater-01

The crop sweater is a great piece of clothing. It is simple, sophisticated, and casual. The sweater is a great addition to any wardrobe. However, the crop sweater is not just for the summer. You can wear it throughout the year. 

You are also wearing a cropped sweater with some Levi’s, but you could wear them with jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. It offers a slim fit and a loose waistband for a more comfortable fit.

Emma Chamberlain Jacket

emma chamberlain jacket-01

Emma Chamberlain wears mostly a Trucker jacket and Denim jacket with her Levi’s jeans. Both look casual, but it offers a few subtle style details to make them a dressier option than your average denim jacket. Plus, the price is right.

Levi’s made those jackets with crisp denim, giving them a high-quality feel. And also very lightweight, so it’s great for wearing on cool summer nights. They also have a classic look with a button-down design and a chest pocket. You can easily wear those jackets with a casual outfit.

Emma Chamberlain Mini Bag

Emma Chamberlain mini bag-01

Morgan Wallen Style Mini Bag With Levi Jeans, Classic Mini Bag is a must-have item in the handbag wardrobe that You can wear every day, on any occasion, in any style. The classic mini bag is the perfect size for your wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, lipstick, and other small essentials. It is a perfect timeless accessory for every fashionista. 

Emma Chamberlain Earrings

Emma Chamberlain earrings-01

If you are looking for a stylish pair of earrings, these Morgan Wallen style gold diamond earrings are a great choice. They are made from high-quality gold, corrosion-resistant, and studded with glittering diamonds. The simple and sleek design makes them look very attractive and appealing.

Emma Chamberlain Mules

You want to look chic, stylish, and trendy as a fashion-forward woman. The Morgan Wallen Style Revival Mules With Levi Jeans is one of the best products you can buy to help you look like you belong in the fashion industry. Since it is made from high-quality material, it can last for a long time and will not wear out easily.

The Morgan Wallen Style Revival Mules With Levi Jeans also has a comfortable insole that will keep your feet feeling great even when you are walking on tough terrain. 

How to Get Your Outfit Like Emma Chamberlain?

How to Get Your Outfit Like Emma Chamberlain-01

Emma is one of the best-dressed celebrities globally, so we all want to dress like her. Emma Chamberlain’s style is very simple and elegant. She likes to keep things simple with a dash of edginess, and she can easily carry off an oversized coat. Well, that’s simple. If you follow the below products, you will get your self-styled wardrobe.

Levi’s 501 High Waist Straight Leg Jeans

Levi’s 501 jeans have been a wardrobe staple for decades. It was the first pair of jeans to become a top-selling pair of pants and is worn by both men and women. The Levi’s 501 jeans are authentic, iconic jeans at $73.50. They are great for all shapes and sizes because they are available in different lengths, washes, colors, and finishes. They are an American classic, but the 501 is also the most copied jean globally.

Vintage 501 Original Shrink to Fit Jeans

501 Original Shrink-to-Fit™ Jeans have a timeless, classic style worn by generations only cost $128. They’re made from untreated raw denim, which means they have a very stiff feel and may look a little worn for the first week or two. You will probably notice some shrinkage after the first couple of washes. They’ll soften up and conform to your body shape over time.

Mini Dauphine Bag

The Mini Dauphine Bag from Chanel is a small bag that is great for carrying a few essentials with you daily. The Mini Dauphine Bag has stylish grained cowhide leather that is soft, supple, and has a beautiful sheen.

You can open the bag by slightly lifting the magnetic front flap. There is enough space in the bag to carry the essentials that you need to take with you daily. Also available in black and white for $3,800.

B Blossom Yellow Gold Diamonds Earrings

From the B Blossom collection, these dazzling earrings feature the collection’s spherical signature, embellished with a Monogram Flower composed of four shining diamonds that cost only $9,300. Finely crafted from yellow and white 18-kt gold, the jewels sway gently with each turn of the wearer’s head.

Revival Mules

The most long-lasting and comfortable mule you can get on the market is the Revival Mule. Revivals are all made with top-of-the-line materials and good lasts that make these shoes fit. They are heaven on earth, and they are my best shoes to wear daily.

The black leather is soft and has a wonderful matte touch that makes the shoes feel even better. The leather is thicker and has a great black shine within €720. The insoles are the best in the market and are worth every penny, as they make the shoes more comfortable and help avoid excessive sweating.


Emma Chamberlain wears a variety of different types of jeans. She often wears skinny jeans, but she also has been seen in high-waisted jeans, boyfriend jeans, and wide-leg jeans. She usually wears Levi’s 501 High Waist Straight Leg Jeans with heels and skinny jeans with flats. Emma also wears boyfriend jeans with heels.

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