What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips

Dark green shirts are one of the go-to attire in today’s fashion world. There are many options to pair with a dark green shirt. As a result, it can become confusing.

The truth is, you can wear a dark green shirt with almost every color of jeans. Different shades of basic blue jeans go perfectly with a dark green shirt. You can wear this shirt with classic black jeans. If you want a unique look, you can try gray jeans. However, for a brighter look, pair a dark green shirt with white or beige jeans.

This was just the highlight of the article. If you want detailed suggestions, give this article a read.

What Colors Go with Dark Green Clothes?

Dark green is such a versatile color. Different people with different roots can don this color amazingly. This color makes you glow irrespective of your skin tone or gender.

Though style is universal, there are some stereotypes. However, this color is totally above those stereotypes.

As a result, in today’s fashion world it has become an essential color. You may have skirts, pants, t-shirts, tops or shirts in the color green.

What Color Jeans to Wear with Dark Green Shirt? A Style Guide for Everyone

Vibrant colors are the best to pair with dark green clothes. The best pairing of colors is dark green and Yellow or Orange. They compliment each other so much that “The best” is an understatement.

Yellow and orange are such bold colors to wear. Yet, while wearing them with dark green makes you look vibrant.

The other two basic colors red and blue also look smooth with dark green. But while trying this mix, make sure you choose the right shades. For example, deep blue denim can never go wrong with a dark green shirt.

Burgundy and lilac are very close in the color spectrum. A big similarity between them is that they look great with dark green.

You can even try more than one shade to style with dark green. If you’re not a fan of bright colors then wear burgundy with dark green.

Now, if you love bright colors, try hot pink. Hot pink jeans with a dark green shirt can create a really funky look. This pair-up can be done in a reverse way as well.

Lime pink is another bright color to pair with dark green. But, make sure you wear lime green in the upper half.

However, if you want something softer go for the color blush. It soothes the dark green and gives you a softer bright look.

That brings us to the perfect color to go with dark green, beige. These two colors compliment each other like soulmates. Every shade of beige suits perfectly with dark green. It gives a calm bright look to the deep dark green outfit.

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What Color Jeans to Wear with Dark Green Shirt?

Jeans are the go-to pants for men and women. As a matter of fact, you can easily pair them with your dark green shirt. There is a very limited choice in the color of jeans. However, you can wear your dark green shirt with almost all of them.

Option 1: Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

If you check someone’s wardrobe, you’ll always find a few blue jeans. Even if that person has one pair of jeans, it’s probably a blue one. So, let us assure you, a dark green shirt goes with blue jeans.

This outfit can give you a subtle stylishness in your regular life.

A dark green shirt paired with blue jeans gives a casual and warm look. It’s the combination of the two basic colors that soothe our eyes.

Option 2: Navy Jeans

navy jeans

If blue jeans suit a dark green shirt then other shades of blue might as well. So, does dark blue jeans go with a dark green shirt?

The answer is yes. A dark green shirt will look functional and cool with navy jeans. It’s another day-to-day look and really easy to carry.

But if you want to kick it up a notch then try navy skinny jeans. It will make you look trendy without giving much effort. These are the basic jeans for men too. So, you won’t have to give your precious time thinking about what to wear.

Option 3: Beige Jeans

 Beige Jeans

Beige jeans are an absolute must to put up a smart and elegant outfit. You can also wear your dark green shirt with these jeans.

The soft look of the jeans complements the dark color of the shirt. It makes you much more welcoming than usual, for the bright color. To finish the look, dark brown leather shoes can be a great match.

Option 5: Black Jeans

Black Jeans

If you want a confident and casual combo, go for black and dark green. Black jeans with a dark green shirt will give you a sleek look. These two together portray a relaxed neat outfit.

What if you want to make it more fashionable?

In that case, ripped black jeans will also provide you with your desired result.

You might think they are too ordinary. So, what can you do to spice things up a little? Well, there’s always a way to up your outfit game with your shoes.

For example, think about what color shoes do you wear with a green shirt and black jeans?

You can either wear tobacco canvas high-top sneakers or white leather low-top sneakers. A tan suede casual boots also compliment this outfit.

Option 6: White Jeans

white jeans

A white pair of jeans often give you an exquisite look. Whether you want a casual look or a funky look it’s up to you.

You can wear normal white jeans to make your outfit more casual. But if you want some creative experimental outfit wear skinny ripped white jeans. Both of them paired with a dark green shirt can make you look fluid.

Option 7: Gray Jeans

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 1

Gray jeans and a dark green shirt represent a Smoky look. This groovy look will let you enjoy your comfort and be trendy. You can try wearing some accessories like caps or chains to spice things up.

As mentioned earlier, almost every colored pair of jeans go with a dark green shirt.

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Outfit Ideas for Dark Green Shirt and Different Types of Jeans

A dark green shirt is quite common in everyone’s wardrobe. Your outlook becomes more common sometimes when you style it with jeans. So, sometimes you might want to try something different.

But what’s the best combination for dark green shirt other than basic jeans?

No worries, we got you covered. So, let’s take a look at some of them-

Ripped Jeans

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 2

Basic jeans are simply basic. They look casual and normal. Basic jeans with dark green shirts will give you a good outlook.

But if you want to go an extra mile try wearing ripped jeans. Ripped jeans will associate you with youth and hip outlook.

Ripped jeans with dark green shirts can make you look chic. It elevates your style sense and adds an extra layer to your personality.

You can try any colored ripped jeans that are mentioned earlier except Beige. They will elevate your outlook in a really eccentric way.

Denim Shorts

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 3

Denim shorts are the go-to shorts for outside wear. One can easily don a beach party or a lazy Sunday look with denim shorts. Whether it’s ripped or plain, it goes perfectly with a dark green shirt.

You can wear your dark green shirt with light blue denim shorts. White denim shorts also look great with a dark green shirt. If you are a guy, add some accessories to this outfit.

A lady can style her white denim with a tied-up dark green shirt. At a beach party, this outfit can be absolutely on point. You can also try this outfit as a cover-up at the beach.

Also, you might be wondering, can I wear black shorts with dark green shirt?

If you are a guy, you can go with black shorts. But if you are a lady, it’s better not to wear black denim shorts. Instead, style your dark green shirt with black leather shorts. You’ll look stunning and sexy.

High Waisted Jeans

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 4

Usually, high-waisted jeans are for women. You can rock anyone’s world by pairing your dark green shirt with high-waisted jeans.

You get so many options to style your shirt with these jeans. Either you can tuck it in or keep the shirt untucked. You have an option to tie a knot in your shirt as well.

This versatility gives you an extra edge while wearing this pair of jeans. Also, it is a great choice to wear at parties.

Mom Jeans

mom jeans

These are the most comfortable pair of jeans for women. It’s quite trendy right now and offers superior comfort to any other jeans. It basically feels like a pair of trousers while wearing it. But the specialty is it doesn’t compromise your style at all.

A baggy dark green shirt with light blue mom jeans looks great together. You can easily wear it on a regular basis. Running errands, going to markets or breakfast dates are well suited with this outfit.

Products To Complete The Dark Green Style

There are many types of jeans and dark green shirts in the market. Here we are mentioning some remarkable ones for you to consider-

Dark Green Polo Button-Down Shirt

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 5

Dark green button down shirt for women and dark green button down shirt for men Amazon link added here. This dark green shirt with a polo motif is one of them. It has a button-down collar with a buttoned cuff sleeve.

It is totally made of cotton which will give you uttermost comfort. It’s better to wash it with your hands. The fabric is non-stretch so it’s better to pick the regular size.

You can style it to achieve laid-back casual looks. Also, you can wear it with dress pants to get a semi-formal look.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Women’s Skinny Jeans

What Color Jeans goes with Dark Green Shirt? Style Tips 6

It is said that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Whoever said that has never seen Levi’s Gold Label Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans. This slim-fit stretch pair of jeans is one of the royalties from Levi’s.

It has a whiskering and distressing effect throughout the whole jeans. This makes the whole aesthetics less monotonous and more attractive.

The slim fit is skinny through hip and thigh to compliment your body. The snug fit never loses its shape. All the stitches are in contrast color with the logo engraved.

It is the perfect regular-use versatile denim jeans. You can style them with almost anything.


That was everything on what color jeans to wear with dark green shirt. We hope that we helped you with your query.

Our last piece of advice, you don’t need to get overboard with styling. Keep it simple and you’ll look awesome!

Best of luck with nailing the looks! Happy styling!

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